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All Early Music Chants Madrigals Mass Motet
Agricola Arcadelt Dufay Gesualdo Lassus Hildegard von Bingen Palestrina Prez

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Early Music

* Featured Sites *

“Teatro Imaginario / Scarlatti Sonatas” by Patrice Mathews, harpsichord.

Learn more about Patrice Mathews and her album - “Teatro Imaginario / Scarlatti Sonatas.” As soloist and chamber musician, Patrice Mathews is widely known in the field of Early Music, and her playing is noted for its fluency and emotional power. Her interest in Baroque music led her to the historically-informed San Francisco area. Teatro Imaginario is her first solo harpsichord recording. You can even preview her album online!

British Harpsichord Society

The British Harpsichord Society promotes the awareness, enjoyment, study, performance and ownership of harpsichords and related plucked keyboard instruments in Britain. Our aim is to create more public awareness, dispel negative myths and get more people enjoying and playing the harpsichord.


One of America's leading ensembles in vocal chamber music. Best known for its interpretation of medieval and Renaissance a cappella music, with Gregorian Chant as the keystone of its repertoire.

The ensemble also collaborates with instrumental ensembles, dance companies, and contemporary composers.

Their third CD, "Palestrina: Soul of Rome" has just been released on the Koch label and is starting to garner rave reviews.

The National Centre for Early Music in the UK

Featuring a world-class venue for the performance and study of early music. Located at the newly restored medieval church of St Margaret's, Walmgate, York.

Early Music Scotland

Spotlighting Early Music events in Scotland with dates, locations, phone numbers, program and performers.

Early Music News UK

Promotes the understanding and enjoyment of early music and historically informed performance. It focuses ultimately on the audiences for early music, seeking to increase their numbers and also their understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of early music.

The Palladian Ensemble

The Palladian Ensemble is firmly established on the international stage as one of the very best chamber groups performing baroque repertoire. The ensemble is Ensemble-in-Residence at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, where it combines individual and ensemble coaching with public performances.

Early Music in Schools

Demonstrations of early musical instruments. Lots of background information about early musical instruments including sound clips and photographs.

Inside Early Music
Bernard D. Sherman's
Performance Practice Website

Featuring excerpts from the book Inside Early Music, plus 17 articles on classical music and performance by Bernard Sherman reprinted from The New York Times, Early Music, and many other publications.

Early Music by Hesperus

Innovative, historically-Informed and multi-cultural. Performing eight centuries of music from four continents. Experts at creating a synthesis of living and historic traditions. Hesperus members are as comfortable with a medieval estampie as a 1950s Chicago blues; a haunting Inca flute tune as an early Celtic air; a Renaissance dompe as an Appalachian breakdown.

Centre de Musique
Médiévale de Paris

Activités de l'association pour le développement de la pratique des musiques du moyen âge.

Ensemble Alla Francesca

Ensemble Discantus

The Oriana Singers
Chicago's Vocal Chamber Ensemble

The Oriana Singers is an a cappella music ensemble that performs just with the voice. They began during the early music heyday back in 1979 in Chicago. The Oriana Singers now perform throughout the midwest and tour internationally.  

Texas Early Music Project

Texas Early Music Project is a non-profit music ensemble dedicated to preserving and advancing the art of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical music through performance, recordings, and educational outreach.  

Yoshiwara's Early Music Site


Early Music


Short Description of Early Music

Early Music is a term used to describe pre-Classical Western music. This means that Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music fall into this category. Because Early Music is so old, virtually all of it (except that protected by a statutory perpetual copyright in one or more Berne Convention signatories) has fallen into the public domain.

Medieval European music is music from the European middle ages which is generally divided into two periods the Ars Musica and the Ars Nova. Characteristics of the time are styles such as Plainsong, as well as basic polyphony in the later Ars Nova period. Music of the time is modal and difficult to listen to in an authetic way because of the modern ear's tendency to hear music in a diatonic context.

Classical music written during the Renaissance period, approximately 1450 to 1600 A.D.

It is characterized by the introduction of the interval of the third into European art music (in the Middle Ages, thirds had been considered dissonances: see interval), and the continued development of polyphony (Greek: many-voices). Masses, motets and other liturgical music was composed for churches; aristocrats and rich bourgeois sang, played and were entertained by secular songs for many voices or consort music for recorder or viol da gamba. Printing made music more widely available.


  • Madrigal
  • Chanson
  • Motet
  • Mass


  • Martin Agricola
  • Jacques Arcadelt (also known as Jacob Arcadelt)
  • Guillaume Dufay
  • Carlo Gesualdo
  • Orlandus Lassus (also known as Orlando di Lasso)
  • Johannes Ockeghem
  • Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
  • Josquin des Prez
  • Tomas Luis de Victoria

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Early Music Composers


Early Music Performers
with Web Sites

The Academy of Ancient Music
Andrew Parrott
Anonymous 4
The Baltimore Consort
Boston Baroque - The first Baroque orchestra established in North America.
The Boston Camerata
Capella Artemisia
The Concord Ensemble
John Fleagle - Unofficial Page
The Hilliard Ensemble - ECM Records
His Majestie's Clerkes
His Majesties Sagbutts and Cornetts
Emma Kirkby - Hyperion Records
San Diego Early Music Society
Musica Pacifica - performs baroque music on authentic instruments. The website contains information ... Biographies, schedule, CDs.
Norma Gentile
Paul O'Dette
Oriana Singers - Vocal Chamber Ensemble
The Orlando Consort
The Palladian Ensemble
Piffaro - The Renaissance Band, performs lively, elegant music in Philadelphia and throughout the United States, Europe, Canada and South America.
Sherwood Consort
Theatre of Voices, Paul Hillier, Director
Ton Koopman
The Tudor Choir
University of Texas Early Music Ensemble
Amadeus Ensemble

Early Music
Societies & Festivals

Amherst Early Music Festival
Bloomington Early Music Festival
Boston Early Music Festival & Exhibition
Early Music Colorado
Early Music Guild of Seattle
Early Music New York City - Historical Performance in the NYC area. Here you'll find an up to date listing of concerts along with biographies of musicians and other information concerning the Early Music community in the NYC area.
Galway Early Music Festival
Early Music Society of Queensland
Galway Early Music Festival
Houston Early Music
Lute Societies Online
The Lute Society in the United States
The Lute Society in the UK
The Internet Lute Society
Société Française de Luth
Midwest Recorder and Early Music Page
Newberry Society
Oxford University Early Music Society
Recorder & Early Music Societies - by N. Lander
Renaissance and Baroque Society of Pittsburgh
Sacramento Recorder Society
San Diego Early Music Society
San Francisco Early Music Society
Thames Valley Early Music Forum
Vancouver Early Music
Women's Early Music Web-Ring - Early Music Women Composers - Walk through history to the beat of women's early music and art!

Shop for Early Music Albums and CDs

All Early Music Chants Madrigals Mass Motet
Agricola Arcadelt Dufay Gesualdo Lassus Hildegard von Bingen Palestrina Prez


Early Music
Record Labels

Alia Vox
Archetype Records
Archiv Produktion (Germany)
ASV / Gaudeamus
Auvidis Fontalis
Chandos Records
D'Note Records
Deutsche Gramophone
Dorian Discovery
Dorian Recordings
ECM New Series
Early Music Archive
Harmonia Mundi USA
Hyperion Records
Leonarda Records
Lyrichord Early Music Series
MDG Scene
Maggie's Music
Musica Americana (Fundacion de Musica Colombia)
OCH International
Opus 111
Pelican Records
Revels Records
Sony Classical
Virgin Veritas
Winged Horse

Early Music
Web Sites



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